Speech Recognition for Writers

It is without a shadow of a doubt that writers spend the majority of their day typing away. If you take into consideration how any times you have to stop to correct spelling mistakes or typing errors you will find that you can waste anything up to an hour or two a day. Factor in the amount of time you could save by dictating rather than speaking and speech recognition becomes the Holy Grail for writers everywhere.
I have personally found a gigantic benefit in being able to write without having my flow interrupted. There is something magical about speaking your mind and not having to worry about tying it. It makes your words come to life greatly increasing the quality of your work.

Lock yourself away in that room and just dictate that article, story or review without distraction. The feedback from writers has been fantastic making them one of the ore users of voice recognition software. With prices starting as low as 50 and the ability to double your productivity, speech recognition software becomes a absolute must buy.

Speech Recognition Software Review
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