Speech Recognition for Students

The student lifestyle comprises of working hard and playing even harder. While students might appear to have all the time in the world the social obligations of having a good night out almost every night can leave one strapped for time to write those essays. I know from experience that operating a keyboard and mouse with a hangover is no easy task, especially when the only thing you want to do is lie on your bed and not move a muscle until that room stops spinning.
Well with voice recognition software you can lie down while still doing your work. You can get your essay written up within hours, leaving you all the time in the world for enjoy yourselves with your mates. Think about it, the majority of time spent on you essay is typing it up. Not because you are not sure what to write but because you simply can't type as fast as you can speak, but now you can! Speech recognition is the latest weapon in the 21st century student's arsenal. 

Simple speak into a microphone and let the speech software type for you. Mouse? Who needs a mouse, not you. Use your voice to operate your computer. Switch between your word processor to your instant messenger or Facebook account, when your friends are dying to talk to you.

For those of you that are like me and don't have the patience to proof read your work, let your speech recognition software package read it back to you. That's right your computer will actually read what you have written back to you. This makes proof reading so much easier as we often read what the meant to write rather than what we actually wrote. How many times have you proof read your work, thought it was perfect and when you got it back there were dozens of spelling and grammatical errors? Well by having it read back to you, you can instantly hear if each sentence makes sense thereby eliminating virtually all errors.

Not only will you increase your grades through fewer spelling and grammatical errors, but you will free up time to spend more time on your essay  research which is the single most valuable factor contributing to attaining the top university grades. With prices starting at around 50 this could be one of the greatest investments during your university life.

Speech Recognition Software Review
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