Repetitive Strain Injury (RSI) Sufferers

Dealing with repetitive strain injury can be very difficult especially if your job requires you to use a computer. Sufferers often have no choice but to work through RSI resulting not only in great discomfort but risk permanent damage. Now there is a solution, a method enabling you to use your computer without the need of a keyboard, mouse, or chair.
Speech recognition software allows you to use your computer from anywhere in the room. Using a headset or stand alone microphone you can be sitting, lying, standing even exercising while telling your computer what the type for you. You will also possess the ability to control your computer through speech so those of you that do a lot of mouse heavy work no longer need to worry about RSI.

Sufferers with back and spinal problems, hand and wrist, shoulders, neck and upper back, will all find great relief when using voice recognition software. If you require to use a computer at work your employer is required to meet your special computing needs (depending on local laws). Using speech recognition software can be one of the most cost effect methods.

Speech Recognition Software Review
RSI Sufferers