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Speech Recognition Software

What is Speech Recognition Software?
Speech recognition software allows you to write vast amounts of text on your computer by using a microphone to convert your speech into text in a word processor of your choice (e.g. Microsoft Word). Just like you would dictate to a person, but here it is to a computer. 

Modern speech recognition software will also allow you to control your computer with your voice, so no more need for a mouse or keyboard! You can now read your emails or surf the net without touching a button.
Common Misconceptions about Speech Recognition Software

The market for speech recognition software is vast with many organisations offering a number of software packages. Unfortunately not every software is as good as the other with some very unreliable packages on the market, many first time buyers fall into the price trap, thinking: "I'll buy a cheaper product and if it works well I might invest in a more expensive one later". Unfortunately this is the wrong approach as most of the sub 50 programs are priced that low for a reason. They just don't provide the functionality and reliability one would expect. This leads to many of these individuals to forget about speech recognition and never touch it again, and that is a shame because there are many excellent programs out there.

If you are interested in purchasing speech recognition software visit our review of the best software currently availiable.


University life might be a lot of fun however it can also be a lot of hard work. All those essays and reports you need to write can really take up your time. However with speech recognition software, you will you be able write 3 times faster. You will also be able to maintain a flowing argument without the need to slow down or stop as you do when typing. This will provide you with a coherent and well articulated argument, helping you achieve a better grade.


You write thousands of words a day and loose hours a day simply through the process of typing. Think of all the extra time you are missing out of. Speech recognition software will enable you to slash your submission deadlines.

Who Should Use Speech Recognition Software

Speech recognition software is not for everyone. For those users that write the occasional letter or email might want to reconsider spending money on a speech recognition program as if might not pay off. Many of the following find speech recognition programs highly productive:

Managers and Employees

How many hours a day do you spend answering emails? Wouldn't it be so much faster if you could simple reply to them all with a simple phone call? Well now you can. Using speech recognition is just like a one way phone call except what you say is translated into text. Does your boss want yet another report? Save precious time typing and dazzle them with your great ideas that you now have the time to formulate.

Repetitive strain injury sufferers

Do you suffer from RSI? Whether it is wrist, back, shoulders, neck, or practically any form of RSI why not sit back or stretch out on a sofa and dictate your work to your computer. Never touch another mouse as speech recognition software allows you to also control your computer through speech.

Speech Recognition Software Review
RSI Sufferers